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Food in Italy is defined by the land and its seasons where only the very best and freshest of ingredients and flavours are used to honour nature’s abundance. Intrinsically simple the tuscan table takes supreme advantage of the elements: sunshine, rain and the volcanic earth to produce food that is deeply rooted in the land. Staple ingredients of wine, olive oil, fresh bread, rice and pasta, meat and game of all sorts, with an emphasis on pork, together with vegetables and fruit are all of the highest quality. Never far from the sea, fish and seafood play an important role in all Italian cuisine and no less so for the tuscan, only the freshest catch will do for the varied pasta, risottos, grilled and stewed fish and shellfish dishes.
Inspiration for the kitchen comes from well defined seasons with each month offering its own inspiration. In the winter the hunters bring us all manner of meats for stews and roasts; wild boar, venison, pheasant, pigeon, rabbit and hare to name a few; spring heralds delicacies such as wild asparagus, broad beans, the tasty pecorino cheese made from local sheep’s milk, artichokes, strawberries, cherries, apricots. Hot sun-filled summers bear fresh ripe red tomatoes of all sizes, beans, peppers, courgettes, aubergines, salads, peaches and melon for our al fresco tables and moving slowly to autumn, grapes, figs, fungi, pumpkin and chestnuts then persimmon and pomegranates begin to grace our tables while we harvest the vines and prepare to pick the olives….. then we have the new oil… and so the cycle moves on.
What joy to fill our bellies and our laughter with each new season’s delight, to linger on a fresh delicacy for a brief while before it is time to move on to savour the next.
Surely a healing and nourishing way to live in today’s fast world.

Good food gives extreme pleasure, this is deeply enhanced by company and setting. In our home we celebrate the generous seasonal tuscan spirit whether it be by a roaring fire or under the cool vine pergola, we relish and encourage warm friendship and interesting conversation around our earthy tuscan table.
Our food grows from the land around us, produce that comes with a freshness and flavour that cannot be found on any supermarket shelf. Ingredients for our Tuscan dinners are always fresh and locally sourced with olive oil, cheese, eggs, vegetables and fruit coming direct from our own land or farms close by. Selected wines often local are chosen to accompany the feasting.
We like nothing better than to delight and tempt, leading you to a deeper understanding of italian food and in particular the beauty and simplicity of the Tuscan cucina.
Tuscan culinary days are our speciality, we will show you how to combine and use fresh seasonal produce to create typical regional dishes.

Join us, for a Tuscan experience, feed your souls from the land and feast with your senses
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